Troubleshooting a SMART Board™
by Ben Chennells

         Troubleshooting either model of SMART Board™ revolves around the status of what is called the "ready light." Although it is found in different places on the respective models, the color of this light indicates the nature of the problem. For the SB680, the "ready light" is located on the lower right edge of the touch screen, as seen in figure 25; the "ready light" on the SB580 is located below the lower right corner of the touch screen, as indicated in figure 26.


              Figure 25                                                     Figure 26

         When the "ready light" on either model is a solid red color, this means that the SMART Board™ is receiving power from the computer, but input from the SMART Board™ itself is not being received by the computer (e.g., from the touch screen or any stylus). The red-light status looks like those found in figures 27 and 28.


                              Figure 27                                                          Figure 28

Possible solutions for the red-light status include:

         A second status of the "ready light" is when it is not shining at all (see again figures 25 and 26). In this case, the SMART Board™ is not receiving power at all. Some steps to take:

         A third status of the "ready light" is the green light, which ordinarily indicates that everything is functioning properly between the SMART Board™ and the computer. On occasion, however, the green light will shine (see figures 29 and 30), but the computer is not responding to input from the SMART Board™, particularly from the styli sold with the unit. In this case:


                              Figure 29                                                                Figure 30